{Video} Tripods

Hello! This week's Makelight Video is all about tripods and the set up I use for my flat lays. Perfect for taking images with both hands in the shot! 

*** an important little edit. I totally forgot to tell you to use the self-timer on your smartphone or camera to take the images! Thanks for all of you who asked me about that one! ***

Here are a few images I've taken with this set up. 

Using Tripods : Makelight
Using Tripods : Makelight

My tripod is this one and my iPhone mount is the one that comes with a little tripod like this one. 

Makelight for Makers

This set-up is also perfect for photographing or videoing yourself making something, which is an important part of a maker's visual story. 

For more tips, tricks and help with your photography you might like to join my Photography for Makers Online Course that started today.