Screen Time. Can it be a positive thing for families?

I woke up this morning to the happy sounds of my little ones busily doing something downstairs. I knew they were making an Easter surprise for us. I could just tell from how busy and excited they sounded while they were also trying to be quiet. And then Max popped up to make sure we stayed in bed a little while longer. 

Screen Time & Creativity : Makelight

When we came down they had covered the kitchen in the cutest little bunny rabbits and made the coolest Easter cards with eggs that opened up with little chicks inside. Simply wonderful. 

But my favourite part was when Imogen showed us where they had got their ideas from. She googled "Easter crafts for children" on her iPod Touch. This made me smile so much. Using technology for creativity. This is what we encourage our children to do all the time. It's what my work is all about, it's what Stef's work is all about. Technology and creativity.

Screen Time & Creativity : Makelight

Screen time should not be seen as the enemy. It should be celebrated for what it can help us to do off the screen as well as on it. At school I am surrounded by people who have a real fear about their children using screens. We have a very relaxed attitude to screen time at home. Yes, obviously if it all got out of hand we would do something about it but I strongly believe that because we don't have any time limits on it our children really do monitor it themselves. And, they feel empowered by it, they use it together and today used it to create the most wonderful Easter decorations as a total surprise for their parents on Easter morning. Happy days! 

I am really interested in this topic at the moment. Do you have any links or thoughts about it to share? I would love to hear them.