Prop Shops to Love: Quill

Whether you have visited in person for a workshop, watched the video tour of her new studio or participated in an online class, you will have probably seen Emily's amazing (and vast!) collection of gorgeous photo props. Here at Makelight there's an always-growing selection of textiles, ceramics, stationery and haberdashery supplies all waiting to be selected and incorporated into the next Makelight flat lay. But how can you create flat lays in the same Makelight spirit if you're working on your photography at home? 

If you want to make beautiful flat lays in your own home, then you’re going to need a collection of photo props: small pieces consistent with your personal style which can be used in different combinations again and again. Most importantly, you'll want to buy things that will really inspire and motivate you to keep taking photos. So you'll be looking for beautiful colour combinations and enticing textures and patterns. Similarly, if you’re using Instagram for your business then you too will want to invest in a prop collection to create evocative narratives in your promotional images. 

If the above sounds like you, then I think you’re going to love our new and recurring feature: Prop Shops To Love. This is where we're going to let you know about the really special stores we just love to visit (either online or in person) for our own prop shopping. 

The first shop we're featuring is the stylish and delightfully feminine Quill. This gorgeously decorated shop in Islington is home to owner Lucy Edmonds' carefully curated collection of sophisticated and on-trend stationery. Just a few of our many favourites are: 

-  cards by Rifle Paper Co. and Meticulous Ink (of Bath)
- Peony-scented pencils by Imogen Owen
- Kaweco fountain pens
- the gold accented desk accessories from Kate Spade
- jars of brightly coloured washi tapes
- the chalky-pastel-coloured calligraphy inks made in house 

All this lovely stationery is arranged in a bright and super-stylish shop – lots of blush, gold and greys. In fact we promise that once you arrive, you'll find it very difficult to leave!

Another thing to consider is that Quill is known around London for their range of workshops: modern calligraphy, chalk lettering, paper flowers and origami. Developing an artistic skill - like hand lettering - gives you an added way to create personalised props for your images.  

We hope you get a chance to visit Quill soon and please tag us in your images so we can see what you pick up! xo

Quill is located at 37 Amwell Street, London, EC1R 1UR. The shop is open Tuesday to Saturday. You can order online for delivery in the UK and worldwide.