Makelight Insights : Get A Fascinating Report About Your Instagram Account

Today, I am super excited to introduce our first Makelight product, Makelight Insights. This helpful tool generates a report about your Instagram Gallery. You might have used similar things before but my favourite thing about Makelight Insights is that along with stats about follower interaction and your most popular images, it also provides you with your Instagram colour palette. 

Analytics tools are such helpful things but they can also be quite stressful and rarely look pretty. Makelight Insights does have some stats about your follower interaction but it also shows the colours and themes in your images. 

Makelight Insights Colour Palette

The colour palette analysis is really interesting because it can really help you think about the colours you are using in your images for Instagram. I'm pretty obsessed with colours, so I find this tool fascinating. Colours in images are really important and using a particular colour palette for your Instagram images can really help you to build a beautiful gallery. This doesn't mean you have to stick to one colour palette for ever more but thinking about how your images sit together in your grid is important. 

Makelight Insights

Makelight Insights also uses computer imaging to look at your images and pull at key themes. This can be really helpful in thinking about hashtags. We've also made you a really handy tool for hashtags! 

When I announced last week that my husband, Stef, has joined me at Makelight full-time it was hard to explain just what this means for Makelight. For lots of people when they hear that my husband is good at tech they think I mean he can build websites. Yes, he can build websites but he can also make amazing things that you can't even imagine yet. 

One evening last year we were out for dinner and he was telling me about something he'd been building and I said "when can I have an app for Makelight?" There was a light-bulb moment and since that day Stef has been mulling over what 'apps for Makelight' could be. We both have lots of cool ideas of things to make to help you take better images. This is the just the first one. Watch this space! 

Have fun and if you get your Makelight Insights we'd love you to share the Makelight love with your friends. xo