This Spring Get Lost In The Linen Garden

If you’re growing your prop collection this Spring and wondering where to buy gorgeous textiles like the ones Emily uses in her Instagram images, then you're going to adore The Linen Garden. Based out of the owner's studio in the North of England, this online-only shop is former textile designer Vicky Trainor’s labour of love.

Vicky’s vintage aesthetic is rooted in the late Arts and Crafts movement and is strongly influenced by the painter Vanessa Bell and the other artists associated with the Bloomsbury Group.  The result is that when you enter The Linen Garden website, you’ll feel as though you’ve been given a pass to play in your grandmother’s sewing room - at least this is how it makes me feel!

I realise I still haven’t explained exactly what The Linen Garden sells, and that’s because the range is so vast and varied! The shop is a huge collection of 1930's - inspired vintage items carefully curated, photographed and catalogued by Vicky. I love her own description of the shop: ‘The Linen Garden store has been designed to be a “department store for creatives and gatherers.” A department store where you will find you have favourite floors and departments and shelves. Inside is a fine display of hoardings, new finds, and the studio makings. With every visit I hope you discover something to take home with you … it is a store where you can call in for 5 minutes for that special little gift or supplies or make yourself a cup of tea and stay a while and wander.’

Vicky sells vintage linens and ribbons, floral and lace cut-outs, stationary, charming old guidebooks of stately homes and postcards of long-ago England. Two favourite items from my recent order include a notebook of French handwritten accounting paper and some beautiful coloured slides - you can see both in the images below.

If you want to infuse your photos with a cozy, vintage, whimsical vibe, then make yourself a cup of tea and give yourself plenty of time to get lost in The Linen Garden.

The Linen Garden ships within the UK and worldwide from