Happy Mother's Day : Work/family balance

Hello and Happy Mother’s Day! I know it’s not Mother’s Day in the UK today but around the world lots of you are celebrating today. As a mother of four children I like to celebrate being a mother every day…even in the middle of the night when my youngest climbs into my bed! 

I have had three wonderful Makelight days in a row this week, a wedding, a location workshop and a studio workshop. It’s been so good but my mother balance has been a little bit out and I’ve missed my little ones so much. I have spent all morning with at least one on my lap or glued to my side. And there’s nothing I have wanted more today. 

I know how very lucky I am to be a mother and to have four is just amazing. I also know how very lucky I am to be able to combine motherhood with building a business.

Makelight Motherhood

Five years ago I began to plan the Makelight you all know today. Lots of notebooks were filled with ideas and dreams. I wanted to run with it all, to grow, to do all the things, to achieve all my goals. I wanted to work all the hours and go, go, go. But I also knew that I wanted to spend time being a mother, especially in those precious pre-school years that on some days feel like they are lasting forever and then on others have gone in a flash. I wanted to find a balance between growing my business and growing my family. 

Makelight Motherhood

It hasn’t always been easy and I am still planning things for the coming years that I don’t want to do just yet. These things will be much easier to achieve when my children are a little older. And, not just be easier but also be more enjoyable for me. This has been a hard lesson for me to learn over the years but the more that I embrace and celebrate where I am right now, while also looking ahead with joy and anticipation, the more this patience feels right. 

Makelight Family

Balance has always been so important to me. I am so lucky in having built a business that flows into my family life in a joyful, positive and enriching way for all of us. But it is still important for me to keep the balance in check.

This balance works both ways. Sometimes I am not getting enough work time and that doesn’t make me a great mother, in similar ways as too much work time. When I feel that motherhood/work balance I am at the best at work and at my best as a mother. That probably sounds really obvious but I think as a woman I can so easily be made to feel guilty about whatever I want and still, even in 2016, it is really hard for women to confidently and happily achieve the right balance for them. 

My hope for my children is that they learn from me. That my girls learn that they can be mothers if they want to be and they can work, and most importantly that they can have the balance of these two things that they want, whatever that may look like. And, that my boys respect and support the women in their lives to have balance too. 

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mothers make happy children. I hope all of you that are mothers are feeling happy today. That you are feeling that you have balance in your life and if you don’t that there is a little something you can do in the coming week to change that. Little things can make all of us feel good. Even if you feel out of balance but that it’s also not in your control to change that right now, I am sure you can find a little thing to change this week to bring a little more balance. 

Makelight Florals

I wish you all a wonderful, special day. You are doing an amazing job! xo 

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