Our Makelight Adventure in Historic Hampstead

Last Saturday we took our Makelight photo walk to North London for a tour around charming Hampstead Village. If you're not familiar with leafy and genteel Hampstead it's a small and very historic area of town overflowing with adorable pubs, sweet cafes, old-world antique shops, a very famous crepe stand - and, as we discovered, some rather nice flower shops!

Have you always wanted to participate in one of our Makelight photo tours? Next month our May walk is going to be extra magical so keep scrolling to find our what a Makelight meetup looks like!

Here is our lovely group which Emily has expertly captured in some of the brief moments of sunshine we enjoyed! Don't you love the unique Hampstead Village street signs? We couldn't get enough of them either.

One of my favourite aspects of this walk was the beautiful bouquet of sweet peas and tulips Emily purchased from a charming flower shop at the beginning of our walk. These vibrant blooms were the perfect prop for some fun and relaxed portraits which I'll share below! (I love how Hannah's super cute sneakers match the bouquet and so does Lou's gorgeous knit scarf!)

And can you believe this gorgeously ornate door? We couldn't either so of course we had to stop for some photos. (And, yes, we also love how Lou's nails match the bouquet too!)

Here are some more images to give you a sense of what it's like to be on one of our walks. They're very relaxed and casual, and we all leave with a beautiful batch of photos because there are so many pairs of eyes spotting lovely and unexpected things to capture. 

I think the thing we loved most about Hampstead is how everything is in bloom! So if you live in London or are headed here, be sure to take time out for a wander around this flower-filled part of town - one of the only true villages left in London! (Be sure to check out Hampstead Heath and the beautiful home of Romantic poet John Keats if you're in this area - both are delightful subjects for your photography!)

Our May walk is going to be really special because we're headed to Kew Gardens for a Makelight walk on Sunday the 29th from 2.00 to 5.00 in the afternoon. Tickets will be £20 to Makelight - you can use the link below, but hurry! - and then you can buy your entrance ticket to Kew online here or at the gate. This walk is going to be really special because it will feature all things floral - Makelight's specialty. We can't wait to see you there!