The Best London Instagram Feeds You Need To Be Following Now

I’m always searching Instagram for those life-changing feeds – the ones with potential not only to enrich a dull morning commute but also provide heaps of inspiration during times of Instagram-fatigue. If this sounds familiar then you’re going to love our new and recurring Makelight feature. This is where we’re going to break down the sprawling world of IG in order to focus on the stars that truly excel at a particular theme. The list we publish will be the photographers we love most – the ones who inspire us every day and also in some way embody the spirit and aesthetic of Makelight.


Since Makelight is based in London, this week we’re kicking things off by looking at a selection of local photographers who capture the charm of this gorgeous city. Despite each feed's unique and singular vibe, you can nevertheless detect some sense of cohesion that unites these Instagramers in their pursuit of capturing the essence of London. If you add several of these photographers at once, you will notice certain recurring imagery: city flower stalls, white terraced row houses, blossoming trees, Victorian tiled floors, painted shop fronts, excursions to Europe and pastel doors – to name just a few!

If you’re also a Londoner then we hope these Instagramers will motivate you to get out and about with your camera and plan your own photo walk with friends or with your little ones. And if you’re not from nearby then we can guarantee this talented bunch is about to give you a serious case of wanderlust. Enjoy! xo

London Instagram Feeds To Start Following Now:

• London is... eternal spring... • #london_is

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Happy to be back in this neighbourhood again 😊

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