Love over likes

Every single day I read a comment from someone who is worrying about their follower numbers or the number of likes they have got for an image. I know that from time to time I worry about these things too but what I tell people over and over again, is that it's not all about the numbers and stats. It's way more about the content you are creating, the creative enjoyment that gives you and the connection and engagement with your audience. Twenty people who totally love what you do is worth way more than one hundred people who think you're okay but mainly scroll on by. 

For me the most important thing about creating content is that I enjoy it. That I don't feel that it is something I have to do but that it is something that I want to do. When I love what I am creating and feeling very engaged with my content, I know that it will get a better reaction. Perhaps not at first, if it's something that I'm trying for the first time but over time the things that I am loving creating will get a better following that the stuff that I think I should be creating but have actually stopped enjoying...or perhaps never enjoyed in the first place. 

Next time you catch yourself watching the stats or feeling really sad because people have unfollowed you, put your phone down, find a piece of paper and write down what content you are going to create over the next week. Only write down things that make you excited or even a little scared. It has to be stuff that makes you feel alive. 

Each time you are feeling a little down get this list out and add some more. Also go and check in with people in your online community that are enjoying what you're doing. Say thank you and engage with what they are sharing. 

Remember that online social networking is so much more than numbers. Enjoy it! xo