Birthday letters to my boys

Every year I write a letter to my children on their birthdays. I am putting the letters together in a book for each of them for when they turn 18. I always share the letters here but life at Makelight has been a little full on this year so far, so the letters I wrote to my boys in January and February are still sitting here unpublished. I don't like breaking with tradition, so I'm just popping in with them today! 

Birthday letters : Makelight

In January my boy Oren turned 8 and here is his letter: 

To my precious Oren, 

Wow! Today you are 8. That feels really grown-up but luckily for me it's not too grown up for hugs with me. You're not so keen on holding my hand any more though. I don't think you'll be doing that again until I'm an old lady! But please keep the hugs always. 

This last year you have blown me away with how much you have learnt. At how quickly you are becoming more knowledgable than I am in so may things. You eat books up. If there is a book in the room or even on the stairs you will stop and read it. And then remember everything in it. 

Every day you tell me something I didn't know or remind me of something I once learnt and had completely forgotten about. You quiz me about my favourite particular types of dinosaur and my favourite monkey. You are always a little disappointed with the number of each of these that I actually know. This makes me smile and you sigh. Perhaps I need to do some revision! 

You are my favourite person ever to go to a museum or zoo with. You are 100% in the zone and focussed on learning as much as you possibly can. Just like you do with the books. It's a total joy. But my favourite part of this is that you now have the understanding and patience that sometimes we can't stop and read everything if we are with your little brother and sister. This makes me very proud of you. 

This past year you declared that sleep is such a waste of time because there are too many other things to reading all the books and watching all of the Minecraft YouTube videos! You are planning on inventing an energy patch that we can wear instead of needing to sleep. I have no doubt that you will invent something cool in the future but I'm not sure you'll achieve this one! 

This has also been the year that you discovered you could create brilliant puns. Your knowledge and use of language is just so good and your daily puns not only make me laugh but also make me realise how amazing that mind of yours is. You tried to teach me how to create puns too. I wasn't very good. I will keep practising! 

You are still best friends with your big sister Imogen. Every evening you both stay up for a couple of hours after Max and Rudi are asleep and you have so much fun together. Please stay friends forever because you are one amazing team. 

And you have become the best big brother to Max. He looks up to you so much and he loves all that you teach him. I'm pretty sure this friendship is going to blossom even more in the coming year. And you are the cutest big brother to little Rudi. You are two complete cheeky monkeys when you are together and I don't think anyone makes her giggle quite like you do! I would have loved a big brother when I was growing up, so I'm so happy Max and Rudi have you.

Thank you Oren for being you. We all love you so very much. 

So much love today and forever,

Mummy xxx


And then in February my little boy Max turned 6. 

Birthday letters : Makelight

To my precious Max,

Hooray you are six today! That is so exciting for you. It is exciting for me too but also a little bit sad because I know just how much you will grow up this year. Those sweet, soft little hands of yours are going to get bigger and remind me that you are no longer a little one but a fast growing bigger one! But it's going to be wonderful too and I am so looking forward to seeing what you do this year. 

You are still my little ray of sunshine and bubble of calm. Your little 'hee hee' sound can always be heard wherever you are. It is the happiest sound in the world and makes us all smile every day. And your positive, calm outlook on life is a complete joy. 

You have spent most of the past year building with Lego. You are so very patient about it and work through the instruction books with such care or look up ideas in your Lego books and then create your own versions. You will quietly build in a little corner somewhere in the house, often for hours, while all around you is chaos! 

You also love drawing monsters with Daddy and are quite obsessed with Top Trumps. Whenever anyone comes to stay you quickly get them involved in a game or two. And you are a very sneaky player! 

Max, you are still have a very sweet tooth and I'm sure you leave a trail of chocolate wrappers wherever you go. At Christmas Oren told Rudi, "On Christmas Eve Father Christmas will hang lot so of chocolates on the tree and on Christmas Day Max will eat them all. It happens every year!" And he was right again!! You asked me a couple of months ago which tooth is your sweet tooth. It was my favourite quote of the year!  

You and Rudi are now the best of friends and the cutest little duo. You still adore Imogen and she looks after you so well. And now you are big buddies with Oren too. That makes me so, so happy when I find the two of you playing together. The best bit of all is that you don't fight. I have two boys that don't fight. This fills my heart with joy! Thank you. 

Thank you Maxy Boo for being the coolest little guy I know! We all love you so very much. 

So much love today and forever,

Mummy xxx