Let's Get Going

January hasn't quite started in the way I imagined it would. We didn't get a chance to take our usual end of the year break at Christmas. We always, always take this time off but sometimes startup life is startup life and you have to dig in and keep going. Yes, I know all about taking a rest, looking after myself and all that loveliness and wisdom but I also know about grit and hustle. And sometimes when you are building a company the grit and hustle need to kick in. For us, it was crucial. We'll write more about that another time I'm quite sure of it. 

But when the year did start I hadn't had my usual time to reflect, to plan, to write all my 2017 lists, to write myself a letter to read at the end of this year, to choose my word of the year. My notebook was empty and although I had lots of things in my head and had shared a million and one conversations with Stef about this new year over the past few months, I hadn't had the time that I so love to get it all out of my head and onto some paper. As much as I adore all my tech, I'm still very much a pen and paper person for this type of thing. 

There is something about the start of the year, whether that’s the start of a new calendar year or a new academic year that feels like if you don’t get yourself sorted and in order now then you’ve missed your chance. It’s made me feel all in a bit of a muddle and panic. 

Over the weekend I had a lovely chance to potter about with my children and take a bit of a rest. I realised I was rather tired out, which felt frustrating because it was January and I was supposed to be feeling full of new year energy. But then in the pottering time I realised I was totally allowed to be tired. January is a dark, long month for a start. Who doesn’t feel a bit sleepy when it’s all icy outside and pitch black when you get up every morning? And we had worked super hard over the Christmas break to get Makelight ready for 2017 rather than taking the break that I had needed. It was no wonder I was feeling tired and then all in a bit of a fuzzy muddle having not written my plans and goals down. 

What I realised last weekend was that it’s okay if things don’t quite go to plan. It’s okay if you don’t reflect on your year ahead on 1st January. There are still 11 more months to make an amazing 2017! So, this week I’ve been grabbing my notebooks and pens, and I have been planning away. Well, sort of. I wanted to do it all on Monday morning because Mondays like Januarys always feel like they should be the planning days or perhaps it should even be Sunday evenings! But then my daughter has been poorly and the week has been all a bit of a juggle so far. The list writing and journal entries have been a little slower that I wanted them to be this week but slowly I'm making progress and feeling like I'm getting on top of starting my year at last. 

And hey, it’s only 24th January…I still have a whole week of the first week of the year to go. Imagine all the lists, mind maps and plans I can make in that time?! I have told myself it's time to get going now and to prioritise some time to write my lists and feel all in order for the year ahead. It's going to be a good one, I can feel it.

Planning for the new year : Makelight

If you haven’t quite got started for 2017 yet either then don’t worry. Here’s a ‘yep me too hug’ for you. But please do find some time, even if it feels a little short, to write yourself a list, put some goals on paper and find a way to hold yourself accountable to making 2017 particularly wonderful for you…in whatever big or small way that may be. xo

Planning for the new year : Makelight