Mummy Glue & Matching Pyjamas

My fourth child Rudi has quite literally been stuck to me for almost three and a half years with the strongest Mummy glue I have ever experienced. If I am home she is by my side pretty much from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep. 


It is both exhausting and amazing all at the same time. For someone to love you so much that they want to be near you at all times is a really wonderful thing.

But wow! It takes the strongest patience I have ever had to give. It is really exhausting at times. It's a bit like having a newborn baby but one that is really heavy and talks all the time...and never naps!! But oh just like a newborn she doesn't sleep through the night. Unless of course I am away and that's a whole different matter, and one which I prefer not to hear about when I return! 

Perhaps it's something to do with being a fourth child. But who knows really. All I do know is that my Mummy glue is stronger than super glue right now but it won't be forever and one day I will wake up and miss these times so much. 

Sleepy Doe Pyjamas : Makelight

In a haze of exhaustion I'm going to treasure this closeness and intensity. Full time pre-school (at the school my other children go to) starts for Rudi next week...a new era is on the horizon. So, I'm going to snuggle up in our matching pyjamas for as long as she will let me! 

Sleepy Doh Pyjamas : Makelight

I really couldn't resist these pyjamas for Rudi and me when I spotted them on Instagram. They are made by Sleepy Doe from Little Maldod. They are super cosy and warm. Perfect for the colder Autumn nights that are just around the corner. xo