The Makelight Retreat : The Inspiration

I am so very excited about the first Makelight Retreat in September. I really do hope that it's the first of many. 

For the past couple of years I have run Makelight Weekends in a beautiful house down in Sussex. I have loved them but they are limited to just 5 people and this year I wanted to bring more people together for a weekend away from everything to really take time out to focus on photography, creativity, our businesses and perhaps most importantly to give ourselves some time for just being. 

Stepping away from our every day gives us chance to reflect, look forward and plan. It also provides the opportunity to connect with ourselves and with each other. I always love the connections and friendships that are made through Makelight, whether it's a workshop in our studio or an online course. Holding a retreat is a very special opportunity to enjoy and benefit from all this over a whole weekend. There is no ticking clock or pressure to squeeze everything in before people have to leave to catch trains or pick up children from school. There is instead time for long conversations, for really learning how the camera works because you can keep asking again and again until the sun goes down and even the next day at breakfast. There is the time for really slowing down, making memories and sharing so much. 

Whenever I teach I am so inspired by the people who come to Makelight. There is so much creativity, energy, wisdom and interest. I always feel so inspired when I teach. I feel like I am gaining as much inspiration as I hope I am sharing. I end my days feeling tired but so happy and it is this that I wanted to bring to the retreat. I wanted it to be more than just me and I have been overwhelmed by the people from the Makelight Community who are coming together to teach with me on this special weekend. 

Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing more about these talented people but I just wanted to give you a little taste of what is to come. Kate from A Playful Day will be running a session about story telling. Gabrielle Treanor will be leading a mediation and running a session on mindfulness and photography. Kate from Posy & Petal will be teaching us how to make paper flowers. Jody from Country Pages will be creating flower crowns for us to wear for portraits and filling jam jars with pretty flowers. And Stef will be joining us too, to help you with all your tech questions and to help you think through your business if you have one. 

I will be there to teach you how to get the very best from your cameras and smartphones, to help you style and compose images, to help you learn to feel comfortable in front of the camera as well as providing portrait photography tips. We will also have a photo walk and we can talk social media, work life balance, daily creativity and I am sure so much more. 

I really cannot wait for this special weekend and I would absolutely love you to join me for this very first Makelight Retreat on September 23rd-25th in Warwickshire, UK. 

This video is from last year's Makelight Weekend to give you a little taste of what is to come! xo