Instagram, helping me to live my best life

I love Instagram. There is no doubt that for the past three years using Instagram with intention has enabled me to build Makelight from a blog with a couple of workshops a year to where we are today, teaching people all over the world and running workshops every month in our London studio. 

Instagram has been, and still is, at the centre of my work. It is where I share my own photography, connect with the Makelight community and continue to build my audience. 

It is the place where I can tell my visual stories, reach people all over the world, give inspiration and be inspired. For free. With a little computer that lives in my back pocket. This seriously blows my mind on a regular basis. How lucky we are! 

Instagram : Makelight

But for me Instagram is more than just a tool to grow my business. Instagram, just as blogging has done for years, encourages me to lead my best life. It encourages me to visit the places I want to go to, to make the things I want to make, to cook, to bake, to celebrate, to really live life to the full. There is no doubt that the visual inspiration I get every single day from being on Instagram means that I am bringing more into my life.

Instagram : Makelight

It is my micro blog that gives me a reason and a little push in a happy direction each day. A push to actually do the joyful, life giving, positive things that I plan in my notebooks. It pushes me to read books, to go to exhibitions, to visit new towns, to go to the seaside, to make things with my children. 

Instagram : Makelight

Yes, you could look at Instagram as full of fake stuff. As full of styled images that only tell half the story. Or not a real story at all. But I have always preferred to take the positive spin on things. To know that I've started really celebrating each season and each month in our home because my Instagram community reminds me that's a good thing. To know that I've remembered to take time to slow down for at least a few moments each day because there is always someone in my feed trying hard to do the same. And to know that, as a family, we've visited places that have been fun, interesting, and given us plenty of new, little adventures because of things that people have shared on Instagram. 


I love how Instagram gives me a wonderful reason to go out and do all the things I want to do. It gives me a reason to make things happen and to really live my best life. Having people to share things with in a positive, happy and joyful way helps to give me that extra little boost to get out and really live life to the full. 

And, when life is too busy and I'm feeling a bit stressed out by it all, I can escape for a few moments into other people's best lives. To see new things, different seasons, delicious food and exciting places all in a moment, on a little screen that lives in my pocket. 

Instagram : Makelight

Instagram I love you for the people you've connected me with, for the inspiration they give me, for the space to inspire others, for a place to grow the business I adore and for really helping me to live my best life. 

Instagram : Makelight

Are we connected on Instagram? I'm all over it with three accounts!! @emilyquinton, @thequinskis and @makelight. Come and say hello! xo

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