How Photography Helps Us Really See The World

When I first had an iPhone I used it to capture the little moments in my daily life that made me smile. The little things that made me stop and remember that we live in a beautiful world. Thos little moments that made me smile even on tricky days. 

Food market : Makelight

My iPhone helped me to be creative even on the days when I just didn’t really have any time to be. It was my sketch book and diary all rolled into one. 

And then Instagram came along and gave me a place to share this. A place to encourage me to keep getting better at capturing these little moments. And a place to be inspired by the way others see the world. A place to see the seasons unfold, food celebrated and shared, stories of families, stories of cities and stories of colours. 

It's the little things : Makelight

The other day I was a little worn out and feeling a bit sad that nearly half the year has gone. I felt like I hadn’t done enough, that I hadn’t spent enough time with my children. And then I started scrolling through my images and realised that I have done so much this year. That I have spent some wonderful time with my children. I have lots of lovely memories safely stored in my images. 

And, I am definitely still recording the little things. 

I have always paid attention to the details of life. Perhaps getting a little obsessed with them at times! I just absolutely love that we now have the technology in our back pockets that helps us to take a moment to stop and breathe in these details and share them with others. Yes, I might be running for the train but there’s definitely time to pull out my phone and snap a photo of the beautiful overhanging roses that are tumbling down. I just have to run a little faster once the image is captured! 

It's the little things : Makelight

When I share my love of photography with people on my Makelight Courses and Workshops, I have one thing that I want absolutely everyone to leave with no matter what they achieve with their cameras and smartphones. That thing is to really see the amazing world around us. To watch the light change, to see the details up high, down low and around corners. To take little moments out of their busy days to notice the little things. 


It totally makes my heart sing when I read comments about my students noticing the light and really seeing things. Photography is helping them to really see and that is a wonderful thing. 

Taking photographs of things that make us smile is like taking time to write down things that we are grateful for. It has that same positive energy flow and I really believe it's good for our health, happiness and general wellbeing. 

It's the little things : Makelight

Yes, social media can take up too much time. Yes, it can all feel staged and fake sometimes. But it can also help us slow down in this busy world, notice the special things around us, make memories and share positive, inspiring things with friends all over the world. I think that’s pretty amazing! xo