Introducing the Makelight Subscription

When I first thought about Makelight and teaching people to use their cameras, I dreamed of wonderful students and lovely connections being made. But I didn't really dare to dream about the most amazing community that has been building up around the workshops and online courses. A community that cheers each other on, that connects around the world and really, really supports each other. 

Every time a new group of students arrive at my studio I wonder if it will be the time when no-one gets on with each other, when it will just all be about the camera settings, the light and not much else. But workshop after workshop this never happens. There really is something about Makelight that brings together like-minded, creative, inspiring people and I just love it. 

Olympus PEN : Makelight

I love it so much that for months (possibly even a couple of years now!) I have been planning to create the Makelight Subscription as a way of keeping people connected, inspired and learning together week after week and month after month. 

People leave the workshops and online courses full of inspiration and new knowledge but it's all so easy in this busy, fast-paced world that we all live and work in to quickly lose and forget it all. That is where the Makelight Subscription comes in. Every week subscribers receive something from me from downloads to videos, from bonus lessons to live Q&A sessions, and we have so much more planned. 

We now have over 100 Makelight Subscribers and we only launched last month, in rather a quiet, low-key way! So, I'm so very excited to see this number grow over the coming months. 

Olympus PEN : Makelight

If you would like to subscribe, you might want to do this before June 10th when we will be picking one Subscriber at random to win an Olympus PEN and 17mm 2.8 lens! And I'm sure you know just how much I love this camera! 

I really hope you will consider joining the loveliest community I've ever been a part of! Let's inspire each other to live a creative life every day and make the world a more beautiful place. xo