London Blooms

This week is a very special one here in London because it's the RHS Chelsea Flower Show!

This year London is doing something extra to coincide with the official flower show.

Chelsea In Bloom is a brand new floral art show where local retailers, restaurants and hotels have created gorgeous displays and decorations. Some places beyond the bounds of Chelsea - like The Bloomsbury Hotel and Fortnum & Mason - have also gotten in on the act.

Everything's coming up roses in London this week, and we've gone around town and picked out our favourite flower displays to share with you below!

And here - above - is the gate to enter the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. We'll be seeing you again soon - from here! - later this week.

In the meantime, keep tagging your floral images with #MakeFloralLight for a chance to win a beautiful prop box from Emily at the end of May.