Inside Lovely & Rustic Botanique

In honour of this month's hashtag - #MakeFloralLight - we want to share with you one of our favourite London destinations that's a florist and so much more!

Bontanique Workshop is an artisan store and flower shop rolled into one that was opened in March 2016 by founder and creator Alice Howard. This thoughtfully designed destination ticks all the right boxes for us at Makleight. We just can't get enough!

A lovely aspect of Botanique is getting to explore the shop's many little corners and shelves which slowly reveal an eclectic array of treasures.

Alice has curated a wonderful collection: jewelry crafted by London based designers, found antique ceramics, cards, local interest books, adorable children's clothing, Liberty accessories, pressed flowers in vintage frames and beautiful cloth and leather bags.

In Alice's words: 'Botanique is born from my dream to combine everything I love into a shop: my passion for designing and making handcrafted products, my love for discovering and curating the work of local crafts people and my enjoyment and obsession with filling my home with flowers and a jungle of plants!'

The shop's in-house florist, Pip, creates gorgeously wild and uncomplicated bouquets that are for sale alongside a selection of cut flowers that you can choose for yourself.

We love how at Bontanique the makers are working right in the shop: the day we visited there were cloth and leather bags being sewn on a desk in the store window. You could buy right off the sewing machine!

This shop is definitely one to visit. Not only will you walk away with some beautiful pieces, but it's also so much fun to explore. And we love the local-to-London artisan vibe.

Keep scrolling to see images of the dreamy-rustic-wonderland Alice has created in Botanique.

Owner Alice with well-mannered shop dog, Goose.

Owner Alice with well-mannered shop dog, Goose.

Botanique Workshop is located on Exmouth Market. It's a small pedestrianised street in Clerkenwell that took off in the late 1990's with the arrival of Moro - the famous tapas restaurant - that eventually sparked a revival of this part of London.

You can easily spend a few hours here especially if you arrive at lunchtime when there's a collection of popular food trucks just steps from Botanique.

You can follow the Botanique Workshops Instagram feed using the link below.

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View from the door 👀 I'm working my way round the shop hanging birch branches to all the walls for full plant dangling coverage! 🌿🔨🌿

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