Hashtags For The Cosy Months

Hello! Things really are getting dark and chilly here in the UK. Our schedule for shooting images and videos has got seriously strict, so that we're all done by 2pm, 2.30pm at a real push! It's tricky I know but you can either get all grumpy about it or embrace it and get excited about cosy blankets, hot chocolate, moody images and all the fairy lights. There is something so magical about this time of year and I do love all the hibernating and pottering that I can indulge in this month. 

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite places to go on Instagram to find cosy, inspiring images that help me to celebrate this time of year. 


Beautiful autumnal coloured leaves and tea... what more do you need? Happy Thursday everyone. X

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Hashtags are a great way to explore how people are celebrating this special time of year and to help people find your own images when you share them on Instagram. Our Makelight Hashtag Tool is a great way to find new hashtags to use. Pop your starting hashtag into the box and then scroll down to find other related hashtags that people in the Makelight Community.

You might also enjoy our Top 100 Makelight Community Hashtags from the past month. I am always in search of new hashtags to use, so I'm super happy about the Hashtag Tool that Stef has made for our community. We have lots more tools planned for 2017 too. Happy Hashtagging! xo