Lightbulb Moments

Hello! I'm really happy to be introducing today's post, which has been written by Seb Cox, the newest member of the Makelight Team. Seb joined us in the Summer to help us grow. He's our Growth Marketer but you'll also find him giving amazing customer support, helping with shoots in the studio and helping everything stay calm on the days when Stef and I are spinning all the plates. I hope you'll join me in giving Seb a warm welcome! xo

A month ago we launched our newest (and most challenging for us!) course. The Makelight Tech Course. We started this course for the Makelight Community, because of how many people approached us asking how we do things. How to do you make your beautiful newsletters? How do I get people to look at my pages? This was a lightbulb moment for us. We realised that this is what the Makelight Community is. It's a community of like-minded, creative people, making & growing every day, and trying to share it with the world.

Teaching people to take beautiful photos was a part of that, but there was more!

Cue second lightbulb moment. We have Stef! Our secret weapon. Stef spends all day making sure that all of our tech is in order, building all our useful tools and just generally making our lives easier. Who better to teach the community about using the right tools to build what they love?

Tech was Stef’s first foray in front of the Makelight lens, and if we had any worries, we needn’t have. He took to it like a duck to water. 

Last week we are came off a week long hiatus from the course. We realised that we might have been too ambitious in our first two weeks, so we stopped for a breather and are extending the course out until the end of the year. Even with a week without lessons the Tech Facebook group is still one of the busiest we’re running, a dam of beavers creating beautiful landing pages, integrating newsletter sign ups, planning user flows and trying out each others creations. We’re excited to dive into the next module this week.

As with any course we teach, our students share so many of their own lightbulb moments with us. Moments from the lessons where something clicks, providing a flash of inspiration about improving a process or a solution to a problem by looking at it from an entirely different angle. A number of our students had this flash from a simple exercise about user flow in week one. We asked them to stop and approach their sites or blogs from the point of view of the user. Many discovered there were problems in their flow, that it was too long or that the messaging was unclear. This could have been costing them sales, or sign-ups. The lightbulb moment was that the simple things matter and sometimes we're so keen to dive into the high level stuff that we skim over the basics.

For others it is the confidence from having a platform to share and get honest feedback or opinions from their peers who are in the same boat, creating the same thing! 

We have students at all different stages in their projects, some already have websites and some are just starting out. We are listening to everyone and shaping this course to provide knowledge and inspiration to students at every level. For us, this course isn’t about knowing exactly what you’re going to do next or having it all planned out. It's taking a step back and looking at what you offer. Then creating the environment for you to have those ‘Lightbulb moments’ every day.

The course is running all of November and it's not too late to join, we would love to have you with us.