My Winter Instagram Palette

If you've taken a Makelight Photography workshop or online course you'll know how passionate I am about colour. Maybe even obsessed! Colours really make me feel. Not always in a good way but they really do have a big impact on me. The wrong colour can make me feel really uncomfortable! 

I think about how I use colour in all areas of my life and these colours change with my age, trends (I'll either love them or hate them!), location and particularly with the seasons. If I had enough storage space and time I would be changing our interiors way more than I do as we move through the seasons. 

The place I have the most control over my use of colour is in my photography and alongside capturing light and moments it's in the centre of why I love taking images so much. I think that paying attention to the details through my camera lens over the past thirty years has really helped me to understand and appreciate colour. And what a complete joy that is! 

Instagram has enabled me to completely indulge in this love of colours and tones, and to share this passion with my audience all over the world. Stef also loves colour and we have both seen how important it is for developing your Instagram gallery in a way that will not only look beautiful but also compliment your branding and visual style everywhere else, both on and offline. This is how our Makelight Insights Tool came about. This week we have been sending out the November Insights Reports and I was so excited to see mine. 

November Insights Report.jpg

My festive season colours are right here! And it's so lovely to see this in my Insights Report already. Hello 'shingle fawn', 'deep blush', 'burning sand', 'cape palliser', 'can can' and 'gray nurse'. 

I really love how my colours and tones change as we move through the seasons....but always retain my absolutely favourite colour, pink. Pink makes me feel happy, positive, inspired, comforted and calm....all at the same time. It is also a wonderful colour to photograph and it works, for me, in every season.

This month we have added some new features to the Insights Reports:

  • A new description of your palette including colour names.
  • Easier to view on a phone, and more compact on a laptop screen.
  • Individual colour palettes displayed for each of your images.
  • Related hashtags to your images based on the themes and hashtags you use.
  • We pick one of your colours and use it for the link colours so there's no clash with the colours we use.
  • People with similar reports – based on your images, who else in the Makelight community is similar to you?

Have you tried our Instagram Report yet? It's free to give it a try! And if you become a Makelight Member now at the end of the year you will receive a 2016 Insights Report - a full year's analysis of your Instagram. I am so excited about getting mine and can't wait to send all our members theirs at the end of the year.