A 10th birthday letter to Imogen

Today my big girl turned ten. I think that really does mean she is my big girl! Each year I write a letter to my children on their birthdays. I'm saving them up to give them in a book when they turn 18!. Here is Imogen's tenth birthday letter. 

To my precious Imogen,

Oh my….you have been in my world for ten whole years! What a huge, exciting birthday! It’s a complete joy and honour to be celebrating with you today.

This past year as been an amazing one for you. Early in the year we went to Paris together for the weekend. It was so special to travel with you again. I know we both love being in a big family but we also really enjoy our time as just the two of us. 

Being nine was definitely the year that you really fell in love with sport. My goodness you are driven and have an amazing competitive spirit while also being a great team player. You teach me so much about life when you talk to me about your sport, especially your swimming. Each Tuesday evening we travel across London for an amazing swimming lesson. The travel and time doesn’t bother either of us because we have so much fun together. It’s our special time. And I really treasure it. Watching you swim is a total dream too….although I am a bit envious at how good you are getting. It really won’t be long before you can beat me in the pool! 

You are a really wonderful big sister to Oren, Max and Rudi. They still all totally adore you and really look up to you. Everything is okay if their Imi is there! 

And you are unbelievably kind, thoughtful and wise. My favourite thing that you’ve said this year is, “being cool is inside you. There is no point pretending to be all cool on the outside. If you’re cool inside, you’re cool and you don’t have to do anything to prove this. People should stop worrying about what people think all the time and pretending to be something they’re not.” 

I will admit that I’ve been really emotional about you being ten today. It’s a big age. A whole decade of life and a whole decade that I’ve been a mother. Wow! 

I am super excited about the year ahead with you. You are so very wonderful in all that you are and in all that you do. 

With so much love today and always,
Love Mummy xxx