Makelight Festive Gift Guide

We have so many lovely Makelight Members and students making lovely creations, why not support the Makelight Community when you're shopping this festive season. 

I have made a special Makelight Festive Gift Guide over on Pinterest. I have added lots of things from it to my Christmas shopping list! 

You might also like to check out these lovely online stores all owned by Makelight Members. 

Gabrielle Treanor - The Green Gables, Eszter Timea Szabo - Camellia Cottage Deco, Rebekah Wright - Rebekah's Attic, Nicky Barfoot - NickyBarfoot Etsy, Hannah Gee - Love Inc, Ju De Paula - Blueberry Living, Naomi Gale - Styled By Naomi, Vaani Wadman - Sugar Plum Bakes, Kathryn Cole - Kathryn Cole Store, Laura Davies - Laura Davies Art, Sarah Fitton - Ditsy Bird, Emmanuelle Henry - Brinde Crea, Heidi Lawton - Extra Special Touch, Helen Highley - Sherry Boutique, Emma Jones - UK Ironmonger, Marybeth Thomas Tawfik - Cambridge Lane, Sasha Torres - Sheepspot, Nikki Reay - The Ochil Tree, Nancy Wallis - Nancy Wallis Designs, Cass Bailey - Frugal Family, Jenni Fuchs - The Bear & Fox, Leah B. Thibault - Ms Cleaver, Debbie Lamey MacDonald - Lamey MacDonald Fine Art Shop, Ann-Marie Edmondson - Paper Tree, Katie Franceschi - Yarn Love Yarn, Anette Wall - Pink Hazel, Catherine Barclay - Silk Garters

Happy Shopping! xo