Our new and improved Makelight Insights Tool

I really love Instagram and despite all the changes that have happened this year with algorithms, business accounts and a whole heap of confusion around who actually sees the images we post and why all our best friends have disappeared from our streams, I still adore this platform. 

Whenever I want to I can find beautiful visual inspiration from around the world and I can share content that I hope will give back to this amazing community. I am all about staying positive about Instagram and this positivity is behind our Makelight Insights Tool. 

Stats are brilliant, addictive and can be super helpful when you are growing a business, blog or are using social media for fun. But they can so often focus on the negative. "How many people unfollowed you today?" "How many people actually saw that image you shared?" These questions are not always the way to help you feel good about what you are doing. We can always improve what we're doing. We can always push ourselves. But our hope is that the Makelight Insights Tool will help you to grow while celebrating where you are right now. 

We have been developing this useful tool and now have some new features to share with you. 



Makelight Insights

When you receive your Report the first image you see is your most popular six images from the month and your colour palette. I love seeing how my colour palette changes with the seasons and when you pop to the bottom of your Report you can visually see how your colours change or indeed stay consistent with these handy little colour summaries. 


See colours change over time

Makelight Insights
Makelight Insights

View palettes for individual images

Makelight Insights

I always love to see the reports coming through and all the wonderful and different colour palettes. This one from Ju de Paula from Blueberry Living & Co is hands down my favourite from October!


Hashtags are super important to use on Instagram but sometimes it can be tricky to find the ones you want to use. We have a handy hashtag tool to help you with that if you are a Makelight Member. The Insights Tool now connects to our Hashtag Library, to help you discover new hashtags that are like the most popular ones you've been using this month.

Makelight Insights

Finding Your Tribe

Instagram is a Social Network and not just somewhere to put your pretty images. To get the most value from social media it is really important and rewarding to engage with the community but it can often feel quite daunting or overwhelming. A bit like walking into a really busy networking event or party.

You see some people you recognise but they are all busy talking to each other. Or perhaps you just can't find anyone you know at all. At this point you really need a little help from a friendly person, someone who can make a few introductions and help you find your tribe. 


Makelight Insights

Makelight Insights now shares a selection of Similar Reports with you, so you can find people who are sharing similar themes, colour palettes and hashtags. Happy networking! 

I would love you to try our Makelight Insights Tool today. 

You will be able to receive one Report for free. If you would like a monthly report you can join Makelight and receive this plus so much more.