Time to start a new decade : Hello 40!

Wow! Yesterday I turned 40! What a complete joy and honour to have completed an amazing decade and be starting a new one. 

My 30s were all about babies (all four of them!), marriage, building my first business and starting my first company...yep with a team and everything!...writing a book, travelling, adventures and so much photography with a camera that sits in my back pocket and other cameras that have completely changed my photographic work over the past ten years. The tech of my 30s has  blown my mind and been life-changing. It has enabled me to build Makelight, a company I could only dream of. Later this week I will share the tech that Stef has bought me to start my 40s with! The next 10 years of technology really are going to be incredible. 

My 30s have been far from easy though. Having four children all two years apart is never going to be a breeze! And then combining that with no maternity leave and both Stef and me doing the whole start-up life thing for all of my 30s. We have also moved house 7 times in 10 years...and not all of those were our decision. We have taken more risks than most people take in a lifetime...if ever. I am pretty exhausted...and still don't have all my children sleeping through the night. I am sure sleep will come in my 40s though...just in time for them all to start going out partying!

Emily Quinto At 40

But I am standing here at the start of my 40s in such an incredible place. All our four children are now at school full-time. They are happy, healthy and amazing. 

I am running a company with my very best friend and we have so many plans for Makelight and for our family. We are both doing work that we love. Yes we haven't nailed the work/life balance thing yet but we are on that one together and determined to crack that over the next couple of years...before Stef turns 40 seems like a good goal!

I am healthy and fit and currently training for my second half-marathon early next year! I am quite simply in a good place and I feel so very lucky. 

I know lots of you are wondering if I ticked off everything in my 40 Before 40 list. Sadly the answer is no but I did a lot of them. And many of them have now become a part of my  life in ways I didn't imagine. 

I still really want to do the other things on the list though, so I am updating it and creating a brand new list of 40 Things To Do At 40. These are things I want to make time for and there is nothing like a list to help you achieve things you might only dream of doing.

One thing that I couldn't quite manage in my 30s was making enough time for my friends. A lot has been written about how you can only really focus on two out of three of family, work and friends at any one time. To have four children and build Makelight, I have really had to give huge focus to family and work. I am super lucky that so many of my friends have stuck with me through the past decade and I want make lots more time for them in this one.

So, there we go. Forty...let's do this! xo