The best advice I've had in 2016

What an incredible year it's been for me so far. Makelight has grown in ways I couldn't even have dreamt of this time last year. It's been a year where I've also had the most amazing support from some really wonderful, smart people and a whole heap of super valuable advice. 

But there is one piece of advice that I think of at least once a day....sometimes I am literally clinging to this phrase for dear life! And the thing that I love about this advice is that I can apply it to all areas of my life as a business woman, a teacher, a mother, a wife and even when I'm out for a tough run. 

I seriously cannot thank Marie Forleo enough for sharing that "everything is figureoutable" in her brilliant Oprah SuperSoul Session. If you haven't watched it, you should make time to do so this week. 

Life can be so complicated. Sometimes I feel like my head is quite literally going to explode...and that's even before we've left the house to get to school in the morning. The logistics of a family of six are really tricky. I'm sure that running a big family is really helping me to run a growing business....or maybe vice versa! 

Marie's phrase helps me out with big stuff and little stuff, and that's why I love it. It regularly helps me stop little stuff from causing big, distracting stress. A few deep breaths, saying the phrase a couple of times, and I am ready to face the challenge calmly and with a smile. 

There have been times where the big stuff has got kind of huge and convincing myself that it really is 'figureoutable' can take longer than a few deep breaths. It can sometimes take a few days but I keep repeating it to myself when I go for my run or I'm in the shower until I believe it. 

We had the craziest week last week. This one is set to be kind of crazy too but it's the good kind of crazy. I basically need Marie on repeat 24/7 and I'm needing to dig pretty deep into my start-up life survival kit. But it sure is 'figureoutable' and it's going to be pretty awesome when is it all worked out. That's all a bit mysterious for now but when the time is right I will definitely be back to share it with you! 

For now, I hope that passing on this nugget of wisdom helps you this week with whatever challenges, big or small you are facing. 

Big hugs everyone. And thank you Marie Forleo for this and so much more. xo