In love with my Bellabeat Leaf

On Valentine's Day Stef completely surprised me with a Bellabeat Leaf. My first piece of wearable tech and oh so pretty. 

I wore it every day from day one, attracted to both its prettiness and its stats. I really liked how it tracked my exercise and sleep patterns. I was also intrigued about using the breathing tracking - taking time out for some deep breathing. This has now been replaced by meditation which is wonderful. The Bellabeat is designed for women, so it also tracks your cycles. 

And then one day over the Summer I lost my Bellabeat. I suspect when a certain little lady was on my hip! I had no idea how lost I would feel without it. At first I thought I was just missing the stats. I really love stats! But I quickly realised it wasn't just about the stats, it was about looking after myself and feeling like a cute piece of technology was really making a difference to my every day.

This beautiful Leaf was really helping me to think about my exercise, sleep and meditation on a daily basis. I'm the co-founder of a start-up and a mother of four regularly gets quite crazy and these things are so easy to let slip but are so important to prioritise. I am so busy taking care of four children as well as Stef. He's an amazing guy to do work, life and family with but I know he wouldn't argue about the fact that I keep home life together. It's a lot to organise and a lot of people to think about. Not just making sure their clothes are clean or they've got the right sports kit for the next day but also keeping a track of how they are all doing too. Is everyone happy? Have they all had enough sleep? Are they healthy? Do they need time with me 1-2-1 this week? And so many more things that I'm always thinking about. 

Bella Beat Leaf : Makelight

Sometimes in all of this it can feel like no-one is really making sure I'm okay. Of course they are but on a day to day basis I really love how the Leaf keeps tabs on how I'm doing. It now also monitors your stress levels or how well you can manage stress should it be just around the corner. If you're sleep deprived, not exercising and not taking a few minutes each day for meditation, mindfulness or deep breathing, then you are not going to be very good at dealing with stress. That's pretty obvious but by tracking how you're doing with all this on a regular basis I think you can keep this in check and get a lot better at taking care of yourself.

Having lost my original Leaf and then very excitedly getting a replacement, I have realised just how much I adore smart jewellery and wearing the future every day. 

Have you tried using wearable tech? Do you find it helpful? I'd love to hear from you. This stuff is all still so new in terms of what we're going to be using in a few years time. It's exciting and beautiful! xo