Sarah E Owen's Maker Spaces

Sarah E Owen's Maker Spaces

I had a lovely delivery of Maker Spaces books this morning, so I am extra excited to share the ninth Maker with you today. When I walked into Sarah E Owen's incredible Oakland, California apartment I was totally blown away. Her space is so unique and inspiring, it's like no-where else I've ever been. 

As you will read in the book Sarah has constructed and made her home/studio herself in so many amazing ways. Sarah has an incredibly creative way of seeing the world and of using different materials to make beautiful furniture, accessories and pieces of art. She is also a very talented artist. 

Without revealing too much of the book itself, here are few of my snaps from last Summer. 

Sarah E Owen's Maker Spaces
Sarah E Owen's Maker Spaces | Makelight
Sarah E Owen's Maker Spaces
Sarah E Owen's Maker Spaces
SarahOwenMakerSpaces 7.jpg
Sarah E Owen's Maker Spaces

And below is my wonderful photographer Helen Cathcart in action. If you haven't already heard I wasn't able to photograph my book. It broke my heart when I was first told this by my publishers. I have worked as a photographer for years and it came as quite a shock that they wouldn't let me photograph my own book. But after some consideration I decided that it was the (huge) compromise I would have to make to get the book deal for the book I really wanted to research and write. 

Helen was simply amazing and really respected the fact that I am a photographer too. We worked so well together and Helen saw things with a very similar eye as mine as we travelled together to all these amazing locations. Thank you Helen, you were the perfect person for the job! x

Sarah E Owen Maker Spaces | Makelight

I really can't wait to be back at Sarah's incredible space in May when I will be running a Makelight Photography Workshop there. Watch this space if you are in the area for more details coming soon! 

Since Sarah created this amazing live/work studio last year she has hosted lots of creative collaborations including workshops, concerts and photo shoots in the space and she has lots more wonderful things planned. You can find out more on the studio Facebook page and on Sarah's website. Sarah also offers art/design services, which I just know are incredible! 

Read more about Sarah's maker story in Maker Spaces. 
And say hello to her here:

If you are in or close to London you might like to come to my book launch on 16th April. All the details are here. xo