My Daily Meditation

One of my 2015 goals is to practise daily meditation. I have started using the Headspace App again and it's great but I have also been building on my creative meditation that I started as part of my 365 photography project in 2013. 

Like a more traditional form of meditation it takes practise but I can now completely lose myself in being present in the moment when I am photographing my flowers each day.

Emily Quinton Botanicals | Makelight
Emily Quinton Botanicals | Makelight
Emily Quinton Botanicals 12.jpg

Creating collages with my flowers on trays is a beautiful way to connect with the flower, to play with colours and to let my mind be calm and still. I can feel my breathe slowing down, my body relaxing and my thoughts calming. 

It is a wonderful and very special thing to have developed. One of my favourite things about it is that when I go back to work or to taking care of my children I can take a little peek at the day's tray and it makes me smile and reconnect to the calm once again. And of course, I also get to keep the images afterwards to.